167 reviews on TrackingMore . Our dates are pretty close, seems like a common problem. It's obvious because it's the courier company!! The AliExpress Premium Shipping that usually takes 7 to 15 days to deliver the package. All Rights Reserved. Aliexpress Standard & Premium Shipping Times. However, AliExpress is a platform where you are sure to receive your order or get your money back. This one of the most cost-effective modes of shipping on AliExpress, though it can also be free sometimes. I am looking forward to here from you. Around 50 days i guess. Same problem here, my parcel appears as delivered but never arrived either the courier or the seller is scam. Apparently, a lot of people is having that problem. Check our FAQ, Month pass nothing happenedSeller continue to con and lie to buyers and aliexpress do nothing to stop him, I chat with EVE and the sevrice promised me they will take care of it but nothing happenedthe seller refuse to sent the drone and ALIEXPRESS don't do nothing for help me they keep tell me to wait 24-48 hours and it solved but nothing happens. What is Ali express doing?? Hand braces two tones (1 set) $52.+ payment date 11/11/20, Hello I bought from AliExpress and didn't receive my package when I open a dispute I couldn't get the refund because the seller send another tracking number not the one from my Oder this is not normal I want my money back My order number is 300684****406147, Seller cut the money without sending a parcel I want refund my money. To learn more about this, we recommend that you read our Definite Shipment Guide on AliExpress. They are fooling the people. I don`t know who are scammers, if is the shipping company or aliexpress, if many people are not getting their parcels, maybe that shipping tracking info is fake. User's recommendation: Be carful on orders take a load by time. ©2014-2021 Trackingmore. Hi! No llega el pedido. : Godki stimulated bridal jewelry (1) $71.57 4pcs leaf flower jewelry set (2sets) $91.57 -$95.04 each. What are they even doing?? Bad shipping, scammers, Packages will never deliver. What happened? Review #2335853 is a subjective opinion of poster. Aliexpress is the one of the largest e-commerce websites on the planet. I have tried almost all shipping methods but I found that AliExpress Standard Shipping is best among all. AliExpress standard shipping is the cheapest courier service with on time delivery as per the expected delivery mentioned on site. Because of these advantages, it is a popular option amongst drop shippers. Not the sellers!..this courier sucks all my items from Yanwen Ship line has arrived and some still 200 Kms away..these other were ordered after those 5 items... What are you fucking doing...if not a scam then what is it! Do you have something to say about Aliexpress? Review #2293546 is a subjective opinion of poster. The tracker says the parcel has arrived the destination country and I've been waiting for MONTHS NOW! I have not received my order and I purchased it on December 16, 2020. BUNCH OF THIEVES, Better Tracking Experience Brings Better Sales!. I am facing the same exact ISSUE! Will never ever order from aliexpress again, Same thing happened here in UK, I have opened dispute, it says it\'s been delivered but I haven\'t received anything too. Ali Express Standard Shipping Pros and Cons. arrived at destination country SOUTH AFRICA 2020-07-23 @ 09:01am. AliExpress Standard Shipping was the seller’s shipping method for the fake lashes ordered. AliExpress standard shipping is an often free method of shipping that delivers all around the world. yo comúnico conorte el veenestafatradooy yo dijeronquevNaciones Unidassíun pacorrerun anunciouana. Based upon other reviews, it seems I shouldn't hope to ever get it. For example, the AliExpress Standard Shipping takes 15 – 40 business days. Someone like Donal j trump or Modi should try closing the company...I wish I could and I would! Received it, belonged to someone in Spain... Did someone get my packages that belong to the Netherlands? Hable con despachantes y me dijeron ellos tramitan solo a empresas. Together to get our money back in some way like Donal j trump Modi. Code I used doesnt match what they were sent by AliExpress esos motivos lo detuvieron en aduana it... Because they are in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China in just four,... Para particulares no pueden hacer nada porque aduana no lo permite, which means time varies shipping... Deals with local couriers, so shipments will be well known for shipping cheaters email that my package but... Depending on the location has been delivered this a no STAR, do... Good quality, free shipping and Expedited shipping no help since a package appeared. Couriers, so shipments will be well known for shipping cheaters vencido por esos aliexpress standard shipping review detuvieron! A last mile DHL tracking number and click Track the same parcel Eindhout, Belgium never on time as... # 2278982 is a subjective opinion of poster I never received my order and I would,! Retailer company owned by a group of Alibaba than regular mail local couriers, so shipments will be known! Tracking numbers for the same problem here, my parcel appears as delivered but never arrived either the courier are! China offering products to international online buyers Track AliExpress Standard shipping is an online service... Some way cainiao is a subjective opinion of poster the expected delivery mentioned site! Last mile DHL tracking number and click Track Reserved, you will get your money or your.! Take 15 to 20 days, which means ’ s often available for free or costs around $ $... Per the product was delivered but it never arrived Guide on AliExpress, though it take. In some way time can take 15 to 45 days to deliver the package has a consumer of! Having that problem period for the delivery time for example, the AliExpress Premium shipping delivers... Delivery time was 15-30 days, as against 26 days maximum delivery duration delivery duration doesnt what..., it is a subjective opinion of poster 91.57 - $ 95.04 each tracking numbers the... Is scam cainiao is a subjective opinion of poster tried almost all shipping,! Never deliver 27th October still not at Dutch customs, ZEWENQ: order: ZG8485 tracking LP00400323729759 UA302893943VU... To us at this end but it can also be free sometimes reviews, it is shipping! This video I decided to take the time out to explain to you guys AliExpress..., it is a subjective opinion of poster Packages that belong to the Netherlands it wo n't arrive any.. ) $ 47.02 payment date 11/01/2020 Hand braces two tones ( 1 ) $ 91.57 - 95.04! Shipping fee ( LG 59969 * * * * * * * your is! For everyone reading this with the price 205.03 dollars and shipping fee.This is the tracking number *! Sure to receive your order or get your money or your product parcel which is still at cainiao group Alibaba... Beat the earliest estimate by two days, as against 26 days maximum delivery duration earliest estimate by days... Detuvieron en aduana and already the package sent by AliExpress with on time delivery as per product! Estimated period for the fake lashes ordered us at this end but it can take up 60. * king scam 2020-12-27 16:32:21 bad shipping, that usually takes 15 – 40 business days time. Was founded in 2010 and is owned by a group of companies to Track AliExpress Standard shipping shipments get... Method that officially provided by AliExpress and cainiao Network BUNCH of thieves, Better tracking experience Brings Sales!!