Cha Ji-An is ... DOWNLOAD KOREAN DRAMA; DOWNLOAD WE BROKE UP; DOWNLOAD HELLO MONSTER (REMEMBER YOU) New Story! ‘Hello Monster’ – Review ‘Hello Monster’ is definitely one of the best Korean psychological thrillers you can come across. é a definição generalizada do gênero série de televisão oriental, seja ela J-Drama (drama japonês), K-Drama (drama coreano), TW-Drama (drama taiwanês), C-Drama (drama chinês) e até mesmo os Live-Action (filmes com pessoas … Hello Monster Jun 25 2015 10:05 am Loving this drama :D Hyun and Jian is too cute, the way Hyun play hard to get is just so endearing. Hyeon and Ji-An both has this beauty and weakness in their ability to accept the monster in others, controlling their own monster, and helping their loved ones to overcome their own monster in that crucial moment, ep 14, ep 16. The plots are different, but the concept of people being tied together due to a past incident is strong in both; said incident lead to the decisions they made for their careers. Es forzado a trabajar con su colega Cha Ji An (Jang Na Ra), una detective elite que tiene deseos de ser miembro del equipo. Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) es un genio perfilador de criminales con estudios en psicología criminal, ingenioso y hábil para hablar. And the investigator team is … actually i grew to love the original title, "Hello Monster". Cha Ji An, who has been stalking him, recognizes him right away that he is Lee Hyun. Hello Monster - I Remember You 2015 [KDRAMA] Genius profiler Lee Hyun, returns home to Korea after something from a case he’s been sent triggers a memory he thought he’d lost forever. ^^ Dramas similar to Hello Monster (I Remember You) I just recently finished watching Hello Monster for the first time and it quickly became my favorite drama. One of the major themes throughout the drama is about monsters, whether they are born or whether they are created. CAST . PLOT . Before including Hello, Monster in my “Korean drama list”, I wasn’t well aware about its cast aside from Seo In Guk and its plot. HELLO MONSTER. In which, it only took me four short days to finish watching it. DOWNLOAD HELLO MONSTER (REMEMBER YOU) PROFILE. ADDITIONAL CAST MEMBER. Hello Monster is a drama with many thought provoking moments at times, making you wonder about a lot of different issues such as morals, ethics, nature vs. nurture, family, love, etc. He went straight to the crime scene and met with Team 1, who confuses him with the new Team Leader, Kang Eun Hyuk. Dorama ((ドラマ), Dorama?) Hello, Monster is a 2015 South Korean mystery/thriller drama; which aired on KBS2. However, I'm worried I won't be able to find one similar that is just as good. Remember You EP 1 Eng Sub - Lee Hyun receives an email from someone, who claims to be from the police department, asking for help with a case. Unbeknownst to him, one of his team members, Detective Cha Ji-an, has been investigating him for some time. My basic reason for starting this drama was the interesting storyline along with Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra but I love so so much more about it now! Hello Monster is more on the psychological side while WATCHER is heavy on the investigation. Lee Hyun is an excellent criminal profiler, but he possesses a spiteful tongue. Guess what! Diferentes personalidades se reúnen en el departamento de Policia de Investigación Especial de Crimenes.